9781604946154Jefferson’s Wall

by Jonathan Neff

A promising Iranian-American law student is mysteriously snatched from the Harvard commons and forced into a dark, dangerous world of international espionage….

A statue of Moses and the Ten Commandments is erected on a courthouse lawn in Texas, sparking legal conflict and ethnic violence….

When veteran Washington journalist Jason Palani is charged to investigate these events, he discovers a hidden agenda driven by Washington powerbrokers bent on changing the face of America. Probing deeper, he finds himself on the run from deadly forces, with few options and only a small cadre he can trust: a senior senator, a Secret Service agent, and a Justice Department lawyer with whom he shares an attraction. Jason and his team race desperately to expose the conspiracy before the election of a president controlled by unseen and sinister forces.

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9781604946161Power Play

by Jonathan Neff

Jonathan Neff’s debut novel is an intricate tale of murder, romance, danger, and determination. Packed with cinematic escapes, explosions, crosses, and double crosses, it expertly captures a world of timeless intrigue, certain to leave readers wanting more.

When Public Utility Commissioner Tony Angelletti takes a stand against the controversial Greenleaf Project, he angers the most influential men in the state and soon discovers their sinister alliances reach far beyond the borders of Oklahoma. Realizing he is in over his head, Tony turns to Sam Littlehawk, his lifelong friend and lawyer, for help and protection. Together they begin to unravel a twisted chain of lies and corruption that could ultimately cost them their lives. All too soon Sam is marked for death, wanted by the police, and caught in a maddening race for survival. As he pushes to find the truth, his adversaries push back with deadly force. With thousands of lives in the balance, Sam must use all his skills to stay alive long enough to escape their traps and win the dangerous game at hand.

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